Santa's Favorites List: Which German States Excel in Education?

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This is the season of joy and wonder, where the spirit of happiness dances in the air! As we’ve been preparing to celebrate the most magical time of the year decorating our houses and preparing gifts for our loved ones, a curious thought emerged: what if Santa's gift-giving was based on children's school performance? Which German states would emerge as top achievers, deserving the finest gifts from Santa? And conversely, which states might need to strive harder next year to secure a spot on Santa's coveted favorites list?

That's the mystery we're unwrapping today! Whether you're a concerned parent pondering your state's educational standards or even Santa himself seeking a guide to the cities with the most diligent and brightest children, rest assured, we have all the answers for you!

Five groups of data

We've gathered extensive data on children's education in Germany, carefully examining various test outcomes across distinct categories to provide you with the most precise findings. Our analysis encompassed five key assessment areas: Reading, Mathematics, and Listening, along with the percentage of students passing the final exam and the percentage of students falling below the acceptable proficiency level.
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    The Reading category assesses students' comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, and overall level of understanding of written texts. Testing within this category aims to gauge students' reading skills, comprehension levels, and their capacity to interpret and analyze written material across different genres and complexities.

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    The Mathematics category evaluates the performance of school children in numerical and problem-solving skills. It measures their grasp of mathematical concepts, application of formulas, and ability to solve mathematical problems across various topics.

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    The Listening category in our assessment pertains to the evaluation of children's auditory comprehension skills within school settings. It involves measuring their ability to comprehend, interpret, and respond to spoken information, showcasing their proficiency in understanding lectures and other auditory educational content.



The table provided showcases a comprehensive overview of our evaluations. All information displayed is sourced directly from the Bildungsmonitor 2023, utilizing the latest available data for each source. To standardize the data, we've employed a min-max normalization technique. This method allows us to convert all data into a scale of 1 to 10. Within this scale, 1 signifies the lowest or least favorable value, whereas 10 indicates the highest or most favorable value within the respective categories.


Study results

The stars on top of the tree

At the pinnacle of academic prowess are Saxony and Bavaria, shining like the brightest stars in the Christmas sky. These states have delighted Santa with exceptional average scores of 9.88 and 9.80, respectively. Picture Santa’s joy as he prepares special gifts for these diligent children, who have shown unparalleled dedication to their studies throughout the year. Sachsen’s youngsters, with their outstanding performance, are sure to find their stockings filled with delights that match their incredible efforts. Following closely behind are Schleswig-Holstein, Hesse, and Hamburg, making Santa’s nice list with admirable scores ranging from 8.24 to 7.24. The children here can anticipate thoughtful and cherished gifts as a reward for their hard work and academic achievements. Oh, what delightful surprises await them on Christmas morning!

A ray of hope amidst the snowflakes

Even in states where academic performance might not sparkle as brightly, the holiday spirit illuminates hearts. While Brandenburg (4.63), Niedersachsen (4.57), Nordrhein-Westfalen (4.22), Berlin (3.04), and Bremen (2.19) might have lower scores, it’s essential to remember that Christmas embodies the spirit of kindness and second chances. These children, though facing academic challenges, are sure to find Santa’s compassionate touch, ensuring their holiday is filled with warmth and hope.

We wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas!

As we embark on this enchanting season, let us cherish the dedication of those who have excelled academically and, equally, the resilience and potential within those facing challenges. We believe that the magic of Christmas holds a special place for every child across Germany. May the spirit of the holidays illuminate hearts, fostering a sense of hope and camaraderie that transcends all achievements and differences.

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Wishing all the children of Germany a Christmas filled with the joy of learning, the warmth of family, and the enchantment of dreams coming true!